Ogee on 3 cm

3/8" Bevel On Double 2 cm

¾" Bevel On 3 cm

¾" Bevel On Double 2 cm


How do you want your edging to be?

The edges of your granite counter tops can be designed with different shapes . Also, the thickness can be a variable that we can modify to met your personal taste: From single, double, triple... or more layers...  or miter joint style.

Flat On Single 3 cm

Ogee on Double 2 cm

Miter Joint

Waterfall On Double 2 cm

Full Bull Nose on 3 cm

3/8" Rounded Top & Bottom On 3 cm

Waterfall On Double  3 cm

Flat On Double 2 cm

Flat On Single 2 cm

Ogee on Double 3 cm

Full Bull Nose

On Double 2 cm